Lead-in Ideas

June 18, 2024


Here are some ideas and options for effective lead-ins in an English Language Teaching (ELT) classroom:

Discussion Questions

  1. Opinion Poll: Ask students to share their opinions on a controversial topic related to the lesson.
  2. Personal Experiences: Have students discuss their own experiences related to the lesson topic.

Visual Aids

  1. Pictures: Show images related to the lesson and ask students to describe what they see or predict what the lesson will be about.
  2. Videos: Play a short video clip that introduces the lesson’s theme and prompt a discussion about it.

Interactive Activities

  1. Role Play: Begin with a short role play or skit that illustrates the lesson’s context.
  2. Games: Use a quick game, such as a word match or a quiz, that relates to the lesson’s topic.

Reading or Listening Comprehension

  1. Short Text: Provide a brief article or story related to the lesson and ask comprehension questions.
  2. Audio Clip: Play a relevant audio clip and discuss its content.

Brainstorming Sessions

  1. Word Association: Write a key word on the board and have students brainstorm related words or phrases.
  2. Mind Mapping: Create a mind map with students, connecting ideas related to the lesson topic.

Real-World Connections

  1. Current Events: Discuss a recent news story that ties into the lesson theme.
  2. Cultural Comparisons: Compare cultural aspects related to the lesson topic with those of the students’ own culture.


  1. Surveys and Polls: Conduct a quick survey or poll among students about their habits or preferences related to the lesson.
  2. Quotations: Present a famous quote related to the lesson and discuss its meaning and relevance.


  1. Scenario-based Questions: Pose a hypothetical scenario related to the lesson and ask students how they would respond.
  2. Puzzles: Start with a puzzle or riddle that connects to the lesson’s topic.

Warm-up Exercises

  1. Tongue Twisters: Use a fun tongue twister to practice pronunciation and get students focused.
  2. Icebreakers: Simple icebreaker activities can help students feel comfortable and ready to participate.

Technology Integration

  1. Interactive Polls: Use tools like Kahoot! or Mentimeter to create interactive polls or quizzes related to the lesson.
  2. Virtual Tours: Show a virtual tour of a place related to the lesson topic to spark interest and curiosity.

These lead-in activities are designed to engage students, activate their prior knowledge, and set the stage for the main lesson content, making the learning experience more effective and enjoyable.