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Online Mock IELTS Test
What is Online Mock IELTS Test?
This is an online test that can be taken from the comfort and safety of your home. This test simulates the Official IELTS Test and includes ListeningReadingWriting and Speaking.
Your performance will be marked by experts, Cambridge Education Agents and former Cambridge Examiners.What are the four skills?
Exactly like the Official Test, this online test includes:
Listening: 40 questions – 30 minutes + 10 minutes of transfer time
Reading: 40 questions – 60 minutes
Writing: 2 tasks – 60 minutes
Speaking: 3 parts – 11-14 minutes – Video Interview
How do I get the results?
You can choose to receive your results either 3 hours after the test or three days after the test. The details are given on the Test Order page.
When is this test available?
You can choose to do this test any time you wish! It is always available and you can choose the date of the test and your speaking test date and hours on the Test Order page! Wonderful, isn’t it?!

Who is this test for?
This test is a great opportunity for IELTS Candidates who want to measure their abilities and estimate their official test results. What’s more, this test can benefit IELTS teachers and ELT educators who are looking for a reliable method to gauge the abilities of the prospective students or current learners.

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