Talk Show

What is Talk Show?

The ultimate aim of learning a language is to communicate in that language. However, not in every country are learners exposed to English in their everyday lives. One way to keep in touch with English to keep your English skills honed is to attend courses, classes, events and workshops where there are groups of people communicating in English.

Talk Show courses are one of the best choices for anyone who would like to hit four birds with one stone: learn new things, brush up on existing knowledge, socialize and enjoy learning.

What makes our Talk Shows different?

Unlike what it might seem, and unlike what the copycats assume, Talk Show courses are more challenging to be planned than any other course because every session has to be designed individually without a textbook. This means that Talk Show host-teacher must know everything about the principles of edutainment – teaching with joy.

The Talk Show courses designed by Dr Hossein Soltani introduce you to the true world of edutainment in which you learn, share, socialize and enjoy the whole experience.

Our Talk Show courses are the very first blended learning classes in the country. 

Dr Soltani’s Talk Show courses are sponsored by Goldis Language Institute and are currently held in Tabriz, Iran, as face-to-face sessions.

What does a Talk Show session look like?

Accordion Content

Every session presents a full learning cycle based on the recognized international standards. So, the bottom line is it is not just casual speaking – there is a well-thought plan behind it.Talk Show sessions are usually divided into 4 or 5 sections with each section having its unique activity; these activities, of course, are thematically interconnected.
What days are these sessions held on?

Talk Show sessions are held on various days.

To keep informed, follow @hosseinsoltani83 on the Instagram.

Where are the sessions held?

Talk Show Sessions are held at the SOLEXED Office, Moallem st., Valiasr, Tabriz.