January 25, 2020



Entertainment is what we all need! But when it comes to choosing the type of entertainment that we want to get involved in in our free time, we sometimes run out of ideas!

Click on the link below to find out more about the common types of entertainment people enjoy around the world.


Idiom of the Day

Activity 1

Ingratiation is a persuasive technique which people used to appear more amiable to another person or group, so that they might accept them and comply with their requests.

Ingratiation can be planned (e.g. inviting a boss to dinner in an effort to secure a pay rise) but is commonly used in the course of everyday social encounters as a means of gaining the favor of friends and family, or to persuade colleagues and strangers to agree to a request.

Another thing is flattery! Complimenting people in order to boost their esteem.

What do you think about ingratiation? Do you practice it frequently? Do you think at times it can be annoying?

Pronunication Tip


One important technique to enhance your fluency and improve your pronunciation is shadowing.

In this technique you play a track and try to speak immediately after the speaker begins and this way you can improve your fluency and pronunciation. Give it a try! it can work miracles!

Activity 2

Describe a newly built public facility (such as parks, cinemas, etc) that influences your city.
• Where the facility is
• When it was built
• What people can do there
and why influence the facility has.