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ِo we know the names of our favourite treats or the ingredients that are usually present in our dishes?
Here is a short list of them:

herbs سبزیجات معطر
legumes حبوبات
vegetables سبزیجات
beetroot لبو
peas نخود فرنگی
zucchini کدو
radish ترب
leek پیازچه
cabbage کلم
celery  کرفس
chili فلفل فشنگی
garlic  سیر
basil ریحان
coriander گشنیز
parsley جعفری
dill شوید
oregano پونه
cinnamon دارچین
saffron زعفران
green bean لوبیا سبز
bean  لوبیا
chickpea نخود
split pea لپه
lentil عدس

Idiom of the Day

Activity One

Maintaining high levels of energy throughout the day is a challenge for many people.
You are going to read a short text on energy levels.
A) First go through it to get the gist;

In a perfect world (or, at least a more efficient one), you could be productive whenever you wanted.
Unfortunately, productivity isn’t as easy as just plugging in for humans — we experience energy and creativity ______ and valleys. Those valleys are necessary — they’re your brain and body telling you that you need a ______.

While you can’t (and shouldn’t) ________ the normal, less productive times in your day, there is a way to recognize when you’re most likely to be at your performance best, and optimize it. While your productivity goals will always benefit from smart time management strategies, they’ll also get a boost when you know what part of the day is _______for you to work at your most challenging and creative tasks.

B) Tell your friend about what you got from the text.
C) Try to fill in the words.

Pronunciation Tip

Connected Speech

While speaking,  English speakers tend to connect the words at the ending and beginning points. That’s why the previous sentence is usually read out in this way:
/Whi Lspeakin’, English speakers ten t connec tthe word zat th eYendin gambeginnin’ points/.
These links occur when the first word ends in a consonant and the next word begins with a vowel. For instance, as English;

Try to recognize these links in the text in Activity One.

Activity Two

Interviewer: “Mr Churchill, to what do you attribute your success in life?

Winston Churchill:

“Conservation of energy. Never stand up when you can sit down. And never sit down when you can lie down.”

How do you manage your energy during the day?
Do you have any advice for those who cannot distribute their energy well?