Idiom of the Day

Activity 01

Modesty / Humility

Modesty or humility is a virtue which has always been celebrated.

Is modesty an important quality? Why?

First answer the question above and then read the following short passage about modesty.


This short passage has been adapted from natnanton.

Why Being Modest Works Against You

    1. Modesty is pretentious – it is possible to speak the truth about your self-worth with grace and humility.
    2. “Modest” is the antonym of “authentic” – inauthentic living stifles your true Self.  Get real.
    3. You lose good people – when you deny your gifts, you potentially turn down support from those who could be key players in your future endeavors. Convincing people to invest their time, energy and/or money is a lot easier when you showcase your assets.
    4. You don’t get any credit – if you don’t give yourself any credit, don’t expect others to give you any. More than an ego-booster, this is essential if you want to advance in your career, for example.
    5. You get jipped* – saying that you had no hand in your impressive feats (even if you believe otherwise), robs you of well-earned rewards.
    6. Being modest means getting caught up in what others think of you –  honor your feelings first.
    7. Modesty sucks the juice right out of a compliment – people get uncomfortable when you shy away from compliments. Compliments are refreshing, energizing, and motivating. Accept them with confidence and gratitude.
    8. Your lack-luster self is less than inspiring – every mother wants to be an inspiration to her kids. “Inspiring” and “modest” don’t usually describe the same woman. Chuck that “little ol’ me” card if you want the kids to look up to you.
  • get jibbed: be humiliated

Activity 02

After reading the passage, share your ideas about the content of the passage with your friends. Do you agree or disagree with the passage? Why?