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Fed-up with common adjectives like “great“, “superb“, “very good“, …?¬†
Here’s a list of 30 alternatives for you. To remember them, today, everyone will pick one of these for themselves instead of their names!

  1. Astounding

  2. Bedazzling

  3. Brilliant

  4. Breathtaking

  5. Classy

  6. Compelling

  7. Dazzling

  8. Elite

  9. Enriching

  10. Epic

  11. Flawless

  12. First-rate

  13. Gripping

  14. Groundbreaking

  15. Iconic

  16. Impeccable

  17. Insightful

  18. Inspired

  19. Laudable

  20. Legendary

  21. Masterful

  22. Notable

  23. Pioneering

  24. Pitch-Perfect

  25. Pivotal

  26. Prime

  27. Refined

  28. Riveting

  29. Trailblazing

  30. Vibrant

Idiom of the Day

Activity 01

Mixed Feelings!

We usually have mixed feelings about things that happen to us on a daily basis. For instance, you are not invited to a party where there are people you do not like. You are happy you don’t have to see them, but you are also unhappy you are not invited!

Experiencing mixed emotions shows emotional complexity, not indecision, and people living in different parts of the world vary in their ability to distinguish between multiple feelings they’re having at once.

“People in many western countries see mixed feelings as undesirable — as if to suggest that someone experiencing mixed feelings is wishy-washy,” said Igor Grossmann, a professor in the Department of Psychology at Waterloo. “Actually, we found that both westerners and non-westerners who show mixed feelings are better able to differentiate their emotions and experience their lives in an emotionally rich and balanced fashion.”

People living in self-oriented cultures — such as Canada, the United States, Australia or Great Britain — were less emotionally complex than people living in other-oriented cultures with a greater emphasis on feelings of duty and familial bonds. People in various parts of Asia and Russia showed considerably more complexity in their emotions. Western Europe and South Africa fell in the middle.

“People in those other-oriented cultures are more likely to experience emotional complexity because they are able to see different perspectives,” said Grossmann. “For example, they might see a job loss as disappointing, but also as an exciting opportunity to spend more time with family or to try something new. Someone from a culture that is oriented towards personal achievement is more likely to see it as all negative.”

What do you think about the above paragraphs? How often do you feel mixed emotions?

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Activity 02

Would You Ever “Re-Gift” Something?

You’re Stuck Talking To Someone Boring. How Do You Get Out Of The Situation?

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