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Topic of the Previous Session

You just watched a video on Halloween. 

What did you learn from it?

Why do you think it has become so popular? 

Idiom of the Day

Activity 01

Smile is considered to be a universal language. We all understand it and connect to it.

But there are different types of smile. Let’s learn some of them:





Use your dictionary. How similar or different are they?

Discuss in your groups.

Activity 02

Speak in your groups:

How often do you smile?

Do you make sure you smile in the photos?

When was the last time you saw many people smiling?

Can smiling be annoying?

Topic for the Next Session

Watch this video on Stalkerware. How bad is it to stalk people? Why is this becoming so prevalent?

Click to watch the video.

Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board

Useful Vocab
Useful Vocab