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Topic of the Previous Session

Sonny Side in Tehran

What does a nation’s cuisine tell us about that nation?

How do you think about the old saying “You are what you eat”?

Idiom of the Day

Activity 01

We all gossip! Oh! You don’t!? Well, probably it’s time for us to stop pretending that we don’t! Science has gone to bat for us*.

Skim the article below. Then we will discuss how much we agree or disagree with t.

The Science Behind Gossiping

*go to bat for someone = support/help someone

Activity 02

Dice Topics

Roll the dice and talk about the topic that relates to the number.

  1. When I am with my friends, we …
  2. The last time I cheated on an exam was…
  3. I anticipate that in 5 years’ time, …
  4. The best trip I’ve ever been on was ….
  5. I’m ready to get one year shaved off* my life in order to …
  6. When I am trying to do a task, one thing that can put me off my stride** is …


**distract, slow down

Topic for the Next Session

Have you ever heard of digital detox? Watch an inspiring video about it. Click on the link : Mindfulness to Watch the Video on my IGTV.

What do you think about digital detox now?

Is it something you’d like to practice sometime?

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Bulletin Board

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Useful Vocab