Losing Temper

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Topic of the Previous Session

In this part, I’d like to introduce you to the Britain Is Great series on the British Council website. This is an interesting series and for the next session, you will watch two videos from this series.

Then, we will talk about what you found most awesome about Innovation in Britain. Follow this links below:

Innovation is Great: Part 1

Innovation is Great: Part 2

Idiom of the Day

Activity 01

Talk about a time when you lost your temper.

Describe what happened and why you lost your anger.

How did you feel after that?

Activity 02

Words Snake Game to review the words from previous sessions.

Topic for the Next Session
 What do you think about telling jokes?What are some secrets of telling a good joke?What is the funniest memory you’veheard?
Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board

Useful Vocab
Useful Vocab