Topic of the Previous Session

​Watch this video on Stalkerware. How bad is it to stalk people? Why is this becoming so prevalent?

Click to watch the video.

Idiom of the Day

Activity 01

Look at the weather types below. Any new words for you? Then move to the activity below the picture.

In your groups, you are going to make a list of activities that you think one can do in these weather conditions.

Discuss why you think your proposed activties are good.

Activity 02

First, try to make a list of some of the vocabulary related to this topic and then begin discussing the topic. Please share the vocabulary on the Bulletin Board New.

Describe your favorite season or time of the year

You should say:

when this time is

what the weather is like at this time

what you usually do at this time

and explain why it is your favorite time of the year

Topic for the Next Session
Money was just Not Enough!
This is a great text on National Geographic.
Read it here.
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Useful Vocab
Useful Vocab