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Money was just Not Enough!
This is a great text on National Geographic.
Read it here.
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Activity 01

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Instagram will test out hiding likes for some users in the United States this week in an effort to decrease competitive pressure on the platform, CEO Adam Mosseri said Friday. Likes, or how many hearts a post gets, will disappear from Instagram’s feed and user profile pages. A user can still see how many likes they’ve received, but their followers won’t know the count. “The idea is to depressurize Instagram, make it less of a competition,” Mosseri said. (?: Getty Images)

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What do you think about this decision which is being piloted by the Instagram?

Activity 02

Taboo Words Game

We are going to do the create the taboo words game together. 

You have slips of paper for and you will create the stack of words for your opponent.

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