B05 – C02


Last session you voted for a topic to talk about at the warmer section, today.
So, let’s get started!

Idiom of the Day

Activity 01

Vocabulary Activity

In your groups, try to fill in the gaps with a word of your guess. Different options are possible.

We’ve all encountered ___1___(adj) people at one time or another — those individuals who smile in your face and act like your best friend, while they’ve got a knife poised at your back. They __2__(v) to be your best buddy, only to try to use you, or to spread lies and gossip about you behind your __3__(n).

The two-faced person wants to __4__(v) something from you, but is either too jealous or lazy to get it for themselves. The thing they want from you may vary, but the __5__(v) won’t — they have chosen deception in order to get it. They behave in a manner that is not __6__(adj), but that is petty, deceitful, and self-serving.

It’s hard to acknowledge and accept that someone who you consider to be a trusted friend is actually the exact opposite. You must come to terms with the fact that you are in a relationship with someone who is false, dishonest and two-faced. This type of person is definitely not a friend, and it’s best to stay on your guard when __7__ (v) with them. They are manipulative and have no __8__(adj) friends, but possess a chameleon-like ability to __9__(v) in with others, even if this means speaking __10__(adj) of you in the process.

The text has been adapted from: https://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/how-to-handle-two-faced-people

Activity 02

What do you think about two-faced (Janus-faced) people? Try to use the words from the previous activity.

Pronunciation Tip

  • Weak Forms
    There are a large number of words in English which can have a “full” form and a “weak” form. We tend to swallow non-essential words. Thus, conjunctions, pronouns, prepositions, auxiliaries and articles are often lost. Some examples of words which have weak forms are;
    • And
      fish and chips (fish´n chips)
      a chair and a table (a chair ´n a table)
    • Can
      She can speak Spanish better than I can (The first “can” is the weak form, the second the full form.)
    • Of
      A pint of beer
      That´s the last of the wine!
    • Have
      Have you finished? (weak)
      Yes, I have. (full)
    • Should
      Well, you should have told me. (Both “should” and “have” are weak here)

Activity 03

Now, try to make a story for this picture. What’s happening, and who are they!?