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Topic of the Previous Session

Flat-earthers’ movement is a growing movement in the US according to the video you have watched by National Geographic.

How shocking is it to go against the achievements of science? Can you  think of other examples of such ideas?

Idiom of the Day

Today’s idiom is going to be about cooperation.

So, I was wondering why not choose this idiom cooperatively?

You will go online and try to find a list containing idioms about cooperation.

Then choose the most effective idiom among them and post it on this Padlet page.

We will vote for the idiom by liking it and the winning idiom will appear at the bottom of this section.

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Activity 01

Helping each other out, joining forces, lending a helping hand to each other, going to bat for each other, backing each other up, … and many many other idioms and phrases are dedicated to cooperation and teamwork.

How important is teamwork and cooperation for you?

On a scale of 0-10, where would you locate team spirit in your community?

Activity 02

Describe an advertisement that persuaded you to buy a product

What advertisement it was
Was it shown on TV, radio or newspaper
What was good about that advertisement

Explain why do you think that advertisement attracted you to buy the product

Topic for the Next Session

Why is Turkey Bombing the Kurds?

Why can human beings not say an assertive “NO” to violence?

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