Lool at the picture. What do you think we are going to talk about today?

Fashion Vocabulary

Activity OneIn the previous section, you visited a page to find out about some vocabulary about fashion.Now, we are using the same page to discuss the questions on that page. First, we are doing Part One on this page. 

Pronunciation Tip

Deleted Syllables in English
Word Syl Pronunciation  
miserable 3 miz-rable  
vegetable 3 veg-ta-ble  
business 2 biz-ness  
comfortable 3 kumf-ter-ble  
chocolate 2 chok-let  
family 2 fam-ly  
aspirin 2 as-prin  
separate 2 sep-ret  
interesting 3 in-tre-sting  
laboratory 4 lab-ra-to-ry  
every 2 ev-ry  
several 2 sev-ral  
average 2 av-reg  
favorite 2 fav-rit  
conference 2 con-frence

Activity 02

On the same page, we are going to focus on Parts 2 and 3 now.