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or Madlib Game!

You are going to interview your friends and ask the following information:

1) Name of a piece of clothing

2) Name of a dish (food)

3) Name of an activity (swimming, dancing, going to the cinema,…)

4) Name of a clothes brand

5) An important number

6) Your favourite actor

7) A noun for a natural place (mountain, sea, …)

8) Name of a fruit


I’d like to talk to you about a turning point in my life. Five years ago, when I was __5__ years old, I was thinking of ___3___ with ___6___ on a hot summer day. All of a sudden I saw an old friend ___8___ and I went to greet him! But as I got closer to him I realized my hands smelled of ___2___ and I was embarrassed! I quickly ran to my room in the ___7___ and I brushed my teeth with ___1___! Now I was ready to meet with Mr ___4___.

Idiom of the Day

Activity 01

Have you heard of Greta Thunberg? Who is she? What is she known to be doing?

Watch a video of her speech in the UN addressing world leaders.

Greta Thunberg at the UN

If you want to also read the transcript, you can follow this link Greta Thunberg’s Speeach Transcript

Activity 02

How much do you agree with the ideas of Greta?

Why do you think she has become so infleuntial?

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