Who Buys What

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Paragraph 1
One of a merchant’s goals is to garner consumer confidence . Customers will spend their money if they feel comfortable in a shopping environment. There are several ways stores can be designed to better accommodate consumers’ needs.
Paragraph 2
Businesses need to allow sufficient space between the aisles. Studies have found that if customers accidentally brush up against each other it detracts from the shopping experience. If a customer is repeatedly bothered while looking at a product, he or she will leave the store without making a purchase. If the retail space is conducive to browsing, then the customer will spend more time in the store, which usually translates to buying more. Retailers can also attribute greater sales to something as easy as placing shopping baskets throughout a store, not just at the entrance. Customers will buy more if they have a container for their purchases. A shopper may come into the store planning to buy one or two items and not pick up a basket. But if a few more items attract a customer’s interest and a basket is nearby, the person will usually pick up the basket and fill it. A customer is limited by having two hands. If the retailer provides a basket or cart, that limitation ceases to be a problem.
Paragraph 3
People love to use their senses when shopping. Retailers need to become proponents of the five senses. Obviously, a woman wants to touch a shirt before she buys it, but she wants to do the same with the sheets she will sleep on, and that’s hard to do if the sheets are wrapped in plastic. Most stores don’t provide a sample sheet to touch, and that’s when a shopper feels it is her prerogative to make a small hole in the plastic so she can run her fingers over the fabric. Unfortunately, several items that people desire to touch, from silverware to paper, are packaged in ways that prevent shoppers from feeling them. A few stores have noted the popularity of offering food samples, especially for new products, but most are not taking advantage of this sensory-shopping method. Just seeing a package of the latest veggie burger in the freezer case is unlikely to excite a man, but if he is given a free taste, he may discover how good it is. More goods will be sold if people can touch, taste, smell, and hear products, as well as see them.
Paragraph 4
Another area where a retailer’s business acumen can shine is at the checkout line. The checkout line is the customer’s last encounter with a store, and it can destroy a good shopping experience. If customers have to wait too long, they will not return to a store, and they may even give up on what they have already brought to the line. To quell the anger of the bored consumer, retailers need to make the waiting time seem shorter. A simple way to decrease waiting anxiety is to provide reading material. Grocery stores already do this with magazines at the checkout stands, but it is also feasible for other types of stores. Retailers can hang posters behind the
cashiers announcing special events (book
signings, garden talks, food demonstrations)
or provide flyers of upcoming sales on a rack where customers can grab one to read
while they wait.
Paragraph 5
The checkout line is also a great place for impulse buying. Retailers should put racks of small items within easy reach of those waiting in line. Few people are going to get out of line to investigate a belt, a bookmark, or a mouse pad, but if the item is near enough to touch, a person might decide to purchase it and be less
bored while waiting.

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